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Sleepyhead's Journal
Scraps of my sleepy mind...
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Welcome to my Live Journal!
Here you can read all about my daily activities, my opinions on certain matters and my reviews for movies or books.
Enjoy! ^-^
30th-Apr-2011 08:50 pm - Writer's Block: It's always summer
saitou hajime
If you could only live in one season for the rest of your life, which would you choose, and why?

Fall/Autumn. It's because in fall, the weather is cool: not too hot or too cold. It is often windy too, I just like the sensation when wind touches my face... Cool. XD
15th-Apr-2011 01:18 pm - Writer's Block: Next stop: Hollywood
saitou hajime
Which book that you've read would make a great movie, and why? Who would you pick to play the main characters?

The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner would make a great movie! The story is really captivating and they will make great scenes! Everyone will love the ending too! Unexpected twist.. ^^ I don't know who to pick since I don't know much about actors or actresses but the one who play Gen should be someone who is handsome and has a young face with mischievous smile.. >.<
8th-Apr-2011 12:13 am - Writer's Block: Teenage dream
saitou hajime
If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

I will be utterly confused because the chance of meeting him again is very little. I might just stand there for a while and maybe pinch my cheek just to make sure. I will compose my face so it will look calm. Then, I'll walk towards him and ask, "Is there anything I can help?"
3rd-Apr-2011 12:04 pm - Writer's Block: Soul together
saitou hajime
If you could have the ability to hear everything your best friend or romantic partner was thinking, but you couldn't switch it off (or tell them), would you want it?

Uh, no thanks. I might not like what's in their mind. People's minds are like abyss anyway... I have my own abyss, I don't want to burden myself with other people's too.
29th-Mar-2011 08:34 pm - Writer's Block: Stories of old
saitou hajime
Who is your favorite mythical creature/character, and why?

Definitely elves and dragons. Why? I love elves since I watch Lord of the Ring movies. They are beautiful creatures with grace and wisdom. In many things, they are superior than human. It's just that everything about them is beautiful and elegant which is why i love them.
I love dragons too. They are fierce and fearsome creatures. They bow to no one. Some depicted them as cruel creatures, while others depicted them as wise creatures. I don't really care about their personality though, I just love it when they fly. They are different from any other winged creatures. When they fly, it seems like they rule the sky. It moves my heart to see them fly, because I feel like I'm flying myself. It's too bad that they only exists in stories. :(
24th-Mar-2011 06:23 pm - Writer's Block: It must be love
saitou hajime
Do you remember your first crush? Did you ever tell that person about your feelings?

As a matter of fact, yes, i still remember him... How could I not? I had a crush on him since we were in kindergarten... (i know, very young, eh?) The feelings lasted for years (about 5 years, i think) until i moved out of town and met someone else...
And... no. I never tell him. He was my crush but he was also my rival in everything, so my pride got in the way... I was also afraid that he would reject me right away and hurt my heart.. I don't know where he is now and I don't know if we will ever meet again... But, if God gives me the opportunity to meet him again, maybe i will tell him that i ever had a feeling for him... :)
19th-Mar-2011 10:59 pm - Dear Diary 19/03/11
saitou hajime
Wow~ It's been days since i last wrote here! Well, I got distracted a lot lately...
Today is quite an eventful day... I woke up late today... (hey, it's Saturday!) I browsed the internet for a while then I went to campus at noon to meet my friends...
I asked Olen to make me another signature and we ended up looking at blogs and their layouts...  I also saw the rally games for high school students which made me reminiscent the old times... 13.30 came so fast so I went to have the interview for p3kmaba's committee... The interview went quite well in my opinion, though i'm not really sure.. Let's just hope i will be accepted...
After the interview i got hungry but sadly the canteens were closed so i could only ate some snacks...
My next activity was a service for sick people, so I and my cell's friends went to the hospital... We prayed for some sick people there... Afterward, we went to CiTo.. We had dinner together and we watched Petra Bridge Competition for a while... Well, it sure brought me more memories of old times..  I remembered when i was in my second year of high school, lots of my friends joined this annual competition and they were so excited about it, though in the end, they didn't win. At that time I was confused, what made them so excited? Now that i have seen it, i think i kinda understand their feelings...
I was awed by this year's winner... Their bridge design was quite simple and it was small, yet it can hold 66 kg on its own!
We went home and since I got back, I've been in front of my laptop doing sorts of things..
Tomorrow I and my friends will hunts for shirts, skirts and pantofels, so I hope everything will be okay..
However, now I feel like I've forgotten something important... I just can't figure it out... Jeez, hope it was not so important after all, I can't remember it!!

15th-Mar-2011 11:53 pm - Dear Diary 15/03/11
saitou hajime
Oh my. I know. I haven't write any dear diary entries since oh-so-long. There are reasons, ya know. I got busy.  I got sick.  Then, I just lost the mood to write.
Lately the 'sleeping sickness' ails me. I sleep, sleep and sleep. I think this is because i feel tired of all the pressures. I know that to be cured of this, I need vacation. Vacation will lets me runaway from the reality for a while and all the pressures that is pressing my mind right now. The problem is, there's no time for it.  I'm really busy with campus activities. It's not that I'm really sick with it, i just wish i had a little bit time to rest my mind.
Actually, I'm kinda happy now that I can involve more in campus activities. In high school I usually stayed away from any kind of school activities with lots of responsibilities involved so i didn't have to do anything troublesome. However, it made me somehow excluded from the school world. I didn't know anyone influential and i often was the last person to know about important things. People regarded me only as the 'smart girl' without any importance. Now that I'm living in campus, I don't want it happens again. I need to be more active.
My first step is signing up to join LKMM-TD. It's a 'training' where our leadership will be we will learn more about leadership and organizations. Next, I'm applying for a position in p3kmaba's
(student orientation program) committee. Actually by signing up to join LKMM-TD, I have the chance to be the head of HIMA (students' organization per department) next year. Oh well, let's see what i'll do next year... I might get ambitious enough.
Hmph~ This year will be a busy year, indeed. Let's just hope I can endure all the pressures and still have fun from all of the works. Ganbatte!!
14th-Mar-2011 11:23 pm - Writer's Block: Double vision
saitou hajime
If there was a parallel universe, in what ways would you want your double to differ from you?

I think i want her to be a better person than I am. She should be a pure-hearted person so darkness can't touch her. I want us to have a slightly different outer appearance too. A different eye-color or hair color perhaps. What else? Hmm, I think that's all i could think of. :)
saitou hajime
Was there ever a fictional character who you admired so much that you strived to be like him or her?

Robert Langdon from Dan Brown's novels. He was so knowledgeable and adventurous. He's also a professor! Because of him, I want to be a professor in an university someday... He makes teaching looks fun, you know... XD The thing i like most about him is his knowledge in symbology and history.. Gee... I can't imagine a person who can remember all of it... I'm trying to best to study history now so I can be like him someday.. ^-^
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